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Hello. I don't really blog here anymore. Sorry livejournal.

I blog here: http://www.tastyblogsnack.com


Tonight was our first episode of Late Nite With Mommy Pack My Lunch. Honestly, what else would we be doing at 2:30am?

[ listen to late nite with mommy episode #1 ]

Tomorrow I'll be hosting a show with Michael live from SXSW. I'll be sending him on scavenger hunts to find some people and update us with what's going on. I'll twitter and groovr when we'll be live.


GeekRiot 2/18/07

[ listen here ]

Michael from groovr.com graced GeekRiot with his presence on this weeks episode.

A few links we discussed throughout the night:

- GeekRiot.tv
- Creative Treehouse
- Virb.com
- Current.tv
- GeekRiot.tv

* fixed the audio link. Thanks, Karen!


Everything you hate about MySpace.com Virb.com fixes. Even in it's beta form, Virb just about covers every aspect of what a great Web 2.0 social networking site needs... and even a few "cute" things that aren't needed, but give the site that extra edge that most lack.

Unless today if your first day on the internet and you managed to make tastyblogsnack.com one of your first websites (thanks), you probably have a blog and are a member of flickr. Thankfully, Virb understands the importance of importing RSS feeds and soon they will allow you to do just that with your external blog and flickr photos. This is pretty important to most users and many sites are accidently neglecting. Can a website be too egotistical to allow for RSS integration from an outside source? Possibly.

If you've ever woke up in the middle of the night crying in a cold sweat from a nightmare, then you might know the feeling of what it's like attempting to customize your MySpace page. Virb is extremely customizable allowing beginners and CSS experts to dabble and test their design skills. The basic editor allows you to add change the organization of your layout and color scheme. With the advanced editor, you have free reign to design your own template. Also in a future update, they will have the option for you to save your themes for use at a later date. Beautiful.

The little things about Virb is what shows shining potential over most others. Fans of last.fm's iTunes or other audio player (there are others?) will love their virbtunes plugin, allowing you to publicize your mp3 plays over your profile. In their video player, there is a "cute" little lightbulb that will dim your browser screen to improve visibility. The Virb user homepage is neatly designed giving you quick access to all of your content, including friends, music, photos, blogs, groups and your settings to customize your profile. If you wish to browse user profiles with their default customization, they've added that option at the top of every page. Brilliant? Yes.

MySpace has been a great run for everyone on the social networking bandwagon, but it is time to move on. For a website that has been around over 4 years, it's almost impressive at how terrible it truly is. Most people are to the point that receiving errors isn't something out of the ordinary and it's just brushed off with a click somewhere else. Only on MySpace is that an accepted practice.



393207928_7230a84e13.jpg 393692069_e7cff00ce3_o.jpg 393208373_8a3cc139fa.jpg 393208328_0fd682267a.jpg

If you haven't heard, Britney Spears shaved her head and then ran out and got a pair of red and pink lips tattooed on her wrist. She might just be crazy, but with everything she's been going through since the release of her first album, I'm surprised it's taken this long.

I wanted to blog about how she's absolutely insane just as everyone else has been doing. I honestly feel bad for her. Granted, she's the one that put herself into celebrity status, but once you're in it, how do you get out? It almost makes me sad to look at these photos to see what's become of her. I can't even imagine how she must feel. No matter what she does, it's going to be blown up the next day in some tabloid or on the cover of some magazine with the truth stretched beyond belief.


IMG_0341.JPG IMG_0342.JPG

Will Powers is the next Photohunt prodigy (is there a first one?). I witnessed a miracle the other night.


IMG_0361.jpg IMG_0360.jpg IMG_0351.jpg IMG_0344.jpg

Tonight I spent hanging at the Creative Treehouse. If you are in Pittsburgh, be sure to check out the 24 Hour Creative Marathon on February 23-25.


While we were at the Treehouse, I called into Bill E and TT show about 20 minutes in and rambled about life, sandwiches and the internet. Also, Jesse took over the phone for awhile and talked about the upcoming event at the Creative Treehouse.

[ listen to the podcast here ]


Tonight I invaded (sorry!) The Last Shot Podcast on Talkshoe, a SportsTalk show held every Monday. Tony, who is one of the hosts, made me a great liner that I linked in one of my previous entries. Well, little did I know that I mistyped the link and it didn't work. So, here's the intro he created for me.. it's pretty funny. Thanks again!

[ listen to intro here ]

GeekRiot 2/11/07

[ listen here ]

Ah, this episode of GeekRiot was pretty entertaining. I typically listen to net@nite prior to GR, but for some reason the internet decided to bail on me just as it began. I figured I'd take a quick nap before GeekRiot but I ended up sleeping way into the beginning of the show. So, feel free to listen as they stone me to death for being late. Surprisingly, we did manage to talk a little technology!

Oh, and why are we not friends on Groovr yet?


Check out our first two segments of Mommy Pack My Lunch TV:



[ view more snake photos on flickr ]

At lunch today we were all sitting and waiting for our food. Someone noticed that there was a man walking down the street with a huge 7 foot yellow python curled around his neck. Naturally, Desiree and I raced over to him with camera in hand.

We ran over to the man and he handed Merlin (the snake) over into my arms. Merlin kept "sniffing" me and slowly wrapping himself around my neck. My only thoughts were to try and keep his little face away from me, negleting the fact that he could just strangle me at any point if he so chose to do so.

I always thought I'd be reluctant to hold one of these creatues, especially since I never have previously. As he was getting his face closer and closer to mine I did get a little nervous. It's very hard to tell how an animal might react to someone. I have no prior experience with the mannerisms of snakes. Surprisingly, I fell in love with this little guy. He was so loving!

Someone left me a MySpace comment a long time ago on my "Snakes On A Plate" video that said something to the effect of "You look like someone that would be afraid of a real snake". I'll fight you.

As a side note, there is a law attempting to be passed in Florida if you own a snake that is more than 2 inches in diameter, you must have a high-tech identification tag implemented into it's body. This is to cut down on owners releasing them into the wild where they can be a danger to other wildlife and people. At least this way they will know who's responsible for letting it free.

We miss you, Merlin. If the random man would have taken credit, I would have bought you :(

Then again, if I did purchase him.. there is the matter of taking him on the plane?


Ahh, today I gut (gutted?) a fish at the pier after dinner. It was tasty. Too bad I had already eaten..

[ view more flickr photos from the pier ]

I'm starting a new section of mommypackmylunch.com. It's going to be called Mommy Pack My Lunch TV. We'll be "broadcasting" live from different locations etc. The main site will still be just for the sketch type videos. The TV section could be promising. I'll have a quick video up there tomorrow. I'll blog it. No worries.

Time for bed. We're leaving Tuesday and I'm going to be so sad. I do not want to even think of returning to Pittsburgh. It just might be the biggest nightmare ever. Aghh.

On the upside, the day we get back there's a podcamp meetup and next weekend I believe they'll be filming here in Pittsburgh for Macbreak. Then at the end of the month I'll be in LA for a few days. In between there are a few other random things, but I can't blog all of my secrets, now can I?


[ beach flickr photos here ]


Ahh</span>, today was just awesome! I'm officially learning to surf!!! If you can't tell, I'm very advanced and soon I'll be ready for my first competition.

We spent most of the day at the beach today and had plans to create a new video, but opted to just enjoy the beach instead. Although, we did film a video for Rex (the Yahoo Talent Show winner) telling him how much we miss him. He's awesome.

On that note, we're also going to be visiting the Renzhe Parkour ninjas this weekend (they're from Florida)! They are such an awesome group of guys. I can't wait to see them again.

Lastly, Desiree and I called into Bill Alexander's podcast tonight. I'm really not even going to bother typing out the details because you'll just have to listen to the craziness. I'll be posting it tomorrow. Tony from thelastshotpodcast.com created an AMAZING one liner intro for me [ listen here ]

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